Where Do Mosquitos Live

Mosquitoes live everywhere! Even though they’re small, mosquitoes spend their entire lives flying around looking for food and shelter…so you’ll have to do a little exploring if you want to know where they live and breed.

Where do mosquitoes have their nests?

Mosquitoes are aquatic insects that lay their eggs in water. They can live in a variety of locations where there is standing water, such as swamps, ponds and marshes. They can also be found in lakes and rivers if there is enough moisture to support their development into adulthood. You may even find them in your backyard pool or birdbath if it’s not properly maintained!

Where do mosquitoes hide during the day?

Mosquitoes usually hide in dark places during the day. They can live in a variety of places, including:

  • Rock crevices and holes
  • Old tires
  • Potted plants
  • Tree holes
  • Gutters and drains

Do mosquitoes live in the ground?

In general, mosquitoes live in the water. This can include ponds, streams, and lakes. They are not found in the ground, except when they are newly hatched. Once they have matured into adults and fly away from their hatching site (which usually happens after about 2 weeks), they will never come back to it again.

In some cases, mosquitoes can be found on land for short periods of time – but only if there is a body of water nearby that is close enough for them to go back to quickly if needed. For example, You might see a few mosquitoes buzzing around you at night while camping outdoors near a lake or pond where there are no other bodies of water nearby for them to get their blood meal from.

Where do mosquitoes live and breed?

Mosquitoes can live and breed in a variety of places. Their larvae prefer to live in warm, moist areas, and they do not survive long in cold climates. However, mosquitoes can also live in damp areas near water or even underground by seeking out a host.

  • Water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of water sources such as ponds or containers holding standing water. The eggs typically hatch within 1-2 days into larvae that feed on algae growing on the surface of these sources. These immature forms then develop into pupae when conditions are right for emergence as adult mosquitoes around 10 days later (12-14 days from egg to adult).
  • Soil: Adult female mosquitoes will lay eggs inside soil where they hatch over a period of several weeks before emerging as adults at different times depending upon species and geographic location within each species’ range.


This post has hopefully answered a lot of questions about where mosquitoes live and breed. Remember that their favorite place is near water, but they can also be found in other locations. 

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