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What Time Do Mosquitoes Come Out

What Time Do Mosquitoes Come Out
What Time Do Mosquitoes Come Out

Mosquitoes are a nuisance. We hate being bitten by them, and we can’t stand the thought of the diseases they might carry. But what does it matter when mosquitoes come out? In this article, we’ll talk about times of day when mosquitoes are most active—and times when you can rest easy in your home without worrying about getting bitten by one.

What time of day are mosquitoes most active?

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, so anytime you’re out and about after dark or before sunrise is a good time to be extra vigilant about applying insect repellent.

They are also most active in the early evening: mosquitoes will typically bite as they are coming out of their resting phase around 7pm local time. Since it’s warmest at this time of day, they’re also more active then than any other point during the day—hence why it’s sometimes called “dinner time.”

If you want to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes during waking hours of the night, try staying inside between 10 pm and 5am local time (or whenever it gets dark) when they’re most likely to be looking for blood meals.

What time do mosquitoes start coming out?

Mosquitoes start coming out when the temperature rises, and they’re most active in the evening. Mosquitoes are also most active during summer, spring, and late afternoon.

What time of day has the least mosquitoes?

Most mosquitoes are active at dusk and dawn, with a few species being active during the day. If you can avoid going outside during these times, it could help reduce the risk of mosquito bites.

Additionally, keep your windows closed or screened to prevent mosquitoes from flying into your home and breeding inside.

Are mosquitoes active at 10 pm?

  • The answer depends on whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere.
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. If you’re in a part of the world where mosquitoes are prevalent, it’s likely that they’ll be active around 10 pm. This is because there is more moisture at night when compared to daylight hours which makes them more likely to come out.


There you have it! We hope you’ve learned more about mosquitoes and their habits. As we mentioned before, there are many different species of mosquitoes out there. Each one has a slightly different lifecycle and preference for food sources, so it can be helpful to know what type of mosquito is bothering you before trying to solve the problem.

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