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You may be wondering how to make tick tubes. Well, we here want to help you with that! This step-by-step process of making tick tubes will help you learn about tick tubes and let you and your family be safe from ticks. The ticks can carry Lyme disease and other illnesses. These aren’t just a nuisance for humans; they can also be harmful to larger animals. The typical tick will latch onto mice, typically carrying these critters, but the story doesn’t end there. When large animals such as deer and cows come to the mice, the ticks become hosts to these pests. Thankfully, there are many methods of prevention you can use to protect yourself against disease-carrying ticks. 

What is Tick Tubes?

The tubes can be plastics or cardboard, but permethrin-coated cotton is the main ingredient. The tick tubes used in farms or yards are designed to kill ticks on livestock by releasing pesticides. These are a green alternative to using toxic chemicals for outdoor pest control. Tick tube is designed to be used on lawns and gardens. The active ingredient is natural pyrethrin, derived from the chrysanthemum plant.


Using Tick Control Tubes is easier than you think. Needless to clean place, install devices or Mix with some ingredients. Just keep the tubes simply around your yard where there is the possibility of mice such as woodpiles, stone walls, flowerbeds, bushes, and sheds. 

As the white footed mice are responsible for spreading the tick, the first target is the mice. By placing the cotton beside the mice’s nest, you can kill the tick carrier first. Several renowned companies like thermacell are selling TICK CONTROL TUBES.

Tick Tube Instructions:

Do you think you might have come in contact with a tick? You may be worried that it may be carrying Lyme disease or any other tick-borne illnesses? Do not panic. You can take preventative measures to stop the tick from biting.

Tick tube ingredients

  • A cardboard box 
  • ( It is important to use the correct tubes when making your tick tube for maximum efficiency)
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Gloves
  • A mask
  • Dryer lint (or cotton balls) ( What attracts mice)
  • A spray bottle 
  • Permethrin insect repellent ( available in the market )

What You Do:

  • Permethrin is a key player in keeping insects and other pests because it acts as an insecticide. Use Permethrin in your lint, then let it dry.
  • Flip the lint and use the active ingredient again through a spray.
  • After that, you can use cardboard tubes, plastic tubes, or toilet paper rolls.
  • When you fill the tubes with the prepared stuff, you are ready to use.

How Long Do Tick Tubes Last?

Permethrin is weather and water-resistant, so It is not a problem when washed with rainwater. You can use the tubes over the years. But the most popular manufacturers recommend that to use twice a year so that it is more effective. 

How Many Tick Tubes Do I Need?

Many homeowners wonder how many tick tubes do they need for their property. The following is a list of the number of ticks an acre needs:

-6 tick tubes for ¼ acres,

-12 tick tubes for ½ acres,

-24 tick tubes for 1 acre.

Are Tick Tubes Harmful to Other Animals and Insects?

Permethrin effectively repels mosquitoes and other insects, but it is safe for cats, dogs, and other animals. But pesticides, Permethrin, has become a popular method for controlling ticks and mosquitoes worldwide. From the U.S. to the Netherlands, communities find ways to incorporate Permethrin into their environmental management. The sincerity of Permethrin is just as the US Centers for Disease Control recommends spraying Permethrin on surfaces where people will not touch them until they dry. It is harmful to other aquatic organisms or bee pollinators. 

In conclusion, the tick tubes are a great way to prevent ticks from infesting your yard and keep ticks away from you and your family. Just have the inexpensive ingredients and follow these easy instructions to make a tick tube. Unless you want to make MAKE TICK TUBES, you can simply buy tick tubes on Amazon

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