Can mosquitoes bite through clothing?


The short answer is yes.

Mosquitoes can penetrate thin materials such as jeans and t-shirts. So their stingers can reach your skin. Although t-shirts and sweaters offer some protection, these are not as much as pants and jeans.

If you’re going to spend time in the yard or on a hike, make sure you wear protective clothing. If you’re wearing pants or jeans, you will be safe from mosquitoes biting, but thin piece of fabric will let mosquitoes crawl through the fabric and bite. But heavy-knit fabrics and long-sleeved shirts will provide better protection. Investing in a bed net will also protect you from these pesky creatures.

While wearing pants and jeans will help reduce the risk of mosquito bites, it is possible that they can enter the clothing to get to your body. As a result, you should wear pants and jeans that are loose-fitting. This will prevent the female mosquito from protruding her proboscis through the clothing.

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What types of cloth may save you from mosquito bites.

  • Wearing socks and shoes prevent mosquito bites.
  • The special mosquito-repellent shirt can save your mosquitoes from biting. 
  • Light-colored clothes as dark colors attract mosquitoes 
  • Avoid the bright neon yellow and orange colors as these are mosquitoes’ clues. 
  • Apply insect repellent to your bare skin to avoid attracting them.
  • Skintight clothes and tight jeans prevent mosquitoes from invading your body. 
  • Getting a thick pair of denim jeans can protect your ankles from mosquito bites.  
  • Always choose clothing with adequate coverage. 
  •  It’s best to wear a pair of closed-toed shoes instead. 
  • Wearing pants and jeans that are not close to the skin will be best for mosquito repellent protection.
  • Wearing protective clothing helps keep the mosquitoes away. The more covered your body is, the more possibility of not reaching you.  


What type of cloth need to avoid?

  • Wear thin-fitting clothing, that mosquitoes can easily penetrate it 
  • A thicker piece of apparel that mosquitoes can penetrate. 
  • Avoid wearing leggings or yoga pants.

Based on area, you need to wear cloth to prevent mosquitoes.

If you’re in a humid area, choose full-length and long-sleeved clothing. Insects love the feet. So, close-toe shoes and socks that cover the ankles are a good choice while you’re in a warm area, a long shirt and pants will help you protect your ankles.  

The mosquito can easily get into your skin, thereby drawing blood from your body. So, it would help if you chose loose and comfortable clothes. A loose-fitting pair of jeans and t-shirts will do the trick. While this isn’t an option for everyone, some people prefer to wear these materials to reduce their risk of mosquito bites.

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