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Is thermacell mosquito repellent safe

One of the splendid ways to get rid of these pesky pests is through repellents. Thermacell makes an excellent device that repels mosquitoes by emitting a mosquito-repelling vapor. Many are worried to know whether the thermacell mosquito repellent is safe or not?

The answer is safe as the products use natural active ingredients instead of DEET or another harsh chemical. These products are safe and effective by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is an organization that researches mosquito-borne diseases.

Despite being safe, you can never overlook the following issues during use. 

  •  Pregnant women and babies should avoid using it.
  •  Essential to prevent inhaling the vapor, which is a form of insecticide.
  • Should not use it indoors. It is only suitable for outdoor use. 

 Why are thermacell mosquito repellents safe?

Thermacell mosquito repellent is a popular product with many people. It is practical and scent-free. The product contains a chemical known as allethrin, a synthetic version of pyrethrin, which is highly toxic to aquatic invertebrates and slightly toxic to bees but safe for human use. 

The Clip-On is an effective and convenient repellent that only needs to be used while stationary and not during mealtime. Instead of DEET, it contains allethrin. The product is safe to use when outside and creates a 15-foot area of repellency. Unlike other repellents, Thermacell is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

 In addition to its effectiveness, Thermacell mosquito repellent is easy to use and portable. There are no reported adverse side effects from using this product. Thermacell uses an active ingredient called allethrin to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.  This chemical mimics a compound found in chrysanthemum flowers but is considered a low-toxicity agent. It is also safe for use on children.  

A fuel cartridge and a mat are required to operate the Thermacell device. It creates a 15-minute zone of protection around you. In addition to repelling mosquitoes, Thermacell can also protect people from allergies, disease, and even allergic reactions. You should consult a doctor before using Thermacell for the best results.

Thermacell mosquito repellent is a battery-operated device that creates a protective zone 15 feet by 15 feet around you.  This model uses battery-operated lanterns, repellent pads, and butane cartridges but has similar advantages as other butane-powered units. So, if you’re looking for an effective mosquito repellent, try Thermacell!

The Thermacell has the Radius and Gen 2.0 models. This ensures a more extended coverage zone and is also more visually appealing. The two units, which are powered by butane, are also safe. These are safe to use in the backyard and patio. Compared to citronella candles, Thermacell is not harmful to children or pets. Its mosquito repellent is made from allethrin, a chemical found in plants, naturally repellent for mosquitoes. 

Is thermacell mosquito repellent safe to breathe?

It’s also environmentally friendly. Whether you’re camping or just relaxing in the backyard, Thermacell can be used in an outdoor setting to prevent insects from coming inside.

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