Thermacell backpacker review

Thermacell backpacker review

The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repellent is effective against mosquitoes, sand flies, and no-see-ums. This insect repellent works up to a distance of 25 feet. You can use it in your tent if you do not camp near a stream or any other enclosed area. 

While Thermacell products are safe for pets, they are not recommended for indoor use. The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repellent works by creating a 15-foot zone around you to repel mosquitoes. It works by using a natural chemical called allethrin, which is found in chrysanthemum flowers.  

 It is one of the most portable products and is easy to carry. The Thermacell Backpacker works by creating a 15-foot zone around you that repels mosquitoes despite its compact size. Its powerful butane cartridges contained “Allethrin’, repels nearly every mosquito species, including black flies and other flying insects. 

Unlike other mosquito repellents, the Thermacell is safe for pets and outdoors. You should never use the product inside a tent. The Thermacell Backpacker uses butane cartridges. The butane cartridges last up to 40 hours. The battery can be recharged many times. It is crucial to protect yourself from mosquitoes when you are backpacking. It is an excellent piece of camping gear. It’s safe to use in all kinds of outdoor activities.

My Thermacell device does not work correctly at high elevations. What should I do?

At higher elevations, one might need to adjust the height of the Thermacell device to find the optimum range for mosquitoes to be repelled. Changing between a 5-foot and 7-foot height is recommended. Sometimes, it is possible that the device may not work at all because of  more significant elevations from the sea level

I took the backpack, but the mosquitoes didn’t go away. Why didn’t it work?

Many people are using mosquito repellent appliances these days to relieve the annoyance that mosquitoes can cause. You have to wait at least 15 minutes to cover the 15 feet. After 5 minutes, you will notice that it is working well.

My backpack worked for a while but stopped suddenly. What should I do?

Most probably, the fuel has been run out. So you must check the fuel cartridge. If you are sure that there is no other problems, replace and turn, you will get everything okay. You should not be worried; wait two minutes until the butane gas flows appropriately.

When I use a backpacker, may I face any risk?

Unless your gas canister has a problem, you will face further problems. So before starting your backpack devices, you must check the gas canister. 

  1. How does ThermaCELLbackpacker work?

The ThermaCELL backpacker is the most prevalent mosquito repelling device. It is a personal insect repellent used by campers or hikers because it uses a non-toxic, odorless chemical that does not emit any harmful fumes. Creating 15 feet protecting zone works against mosquitoes, including other insects.

How do you reuse Thermacell pads?

Thermacell is a company that makes a product that can help repel mosquitos by emitting an odorless insect-repelling mist. If you have a Thermacell mosquito-repelling pad leftover from last season, there are a few ways it can be reused. Some factors that could affect how long the ThermaCell will work include weather, wind, outside temperature, and the number of mosquitoes present in an area. Normally, within a few minutes, it will work.

Is Thermacell backpacker harmful to the environment?

 For those who purchase the Thermacell backpacker, this product will not be responsible for harming the environment. The Thermacell is a backpacker that provides bug control without using chemicals.

How often do you alter the Thermacell pad?

The Thermacell backpacker is a device that is used to repel insects and pests. The device works by dispersing the repellent into the air using a vaporizer. You can change the thermal pad every other 4 hours.

What is the active ingredient in Thermacell pads?

ThermaCell pads are a popular mosquito repellent that uses citronella oil to deter mosquitoes from coming close. The active ingredient in ThermaCell pads is a liquid called permethrin that does not spread any odor.

Is Thermacell backpacker safe for dogs?

Thermacell backpacker is a product that can be used to keep pests at bay while adventuring outdoors. The product has been widely adopted by outdoors enthusiasts and pest control specialists. However, many people are wondering if the product is safe for dogs. As the active ingredients of the backpacker is non-toxic, it is safe.

What type of Gas Cartridge is best suited for backpack repellers?

Backpackers are portable gas stoves that use propane for fuel. A backpacker can be used with Camping Gas cartridges that meet Standard EN 417. There are three common fuels: butane, propane, and is propane. All three can be mixed in any combination and will work just fine. However, depending on the mixture, there may be some differences in performance.

The features of the thermacell backpacker at a glance

  • Runs on stove fuel canister (Not included)
  • Compact and portable
  • No spray and no mess. 
  • Scent-free and DEET-free
  • Fuel efficient: up to 360 hours on a 440g canister
  • Fuel canister can be of (iso)butane 
  • It can run with a butane propane fuel mix  
  • Lightweight, minimalist design  

Package contains: 

Backpacker Repeller, 

 Repellent mats lasting 4 hours each

12 hours of repellent 

 water-resistant travel bag

Requires :

Camping gas canister (not included)


  • Before pressing the piezo ignitor, you have to flow the gas few seconds.
  • Unless the valves are designed for the EN417, the backpacker will not be adjusted with the gas canister.