Do Wax Myrtles To Repel Mosquitoes 

Waxing is not 100% effective against mosquitoes, but it has been proven to be a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative.

Can you plant wax myrtle seeds instead of plants?

This is a great question! Myrtle wax plant seeds are an easier way to grow these plants, but they are not just meant to be planted. We suggest you use the myrtle wax plant or plant them in your garden because they will suffer if you put them in containers.

Do wax myrtles have berries?

Yes. Wax myrtles can be found in zones 3 through 11 as well as up to zone 6 and 12. If a wax myrtle doesn’t seem to have berries, you should be aware that the bush itself may be in a different season and some of the leaves may not be fully mature yet.

How big does a wax myrtle tree get?

The average wax myrtle tree grows between 6-8 feet wide and 8-10 feet tall.


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