Does Vapor Rub Repel Mosquitoes 

Vapor Rub naturally eliminates mosquitoes. Vapor rub does have a long history of use in England and France for repelling mosquitoes.

Does Vapor Rub Repel Mosquitoes and ants

Vapor rubs almost instantly repel mosquitoes, and they are effective as mosquito repellent for up to one hour. Vapor rubs also offer protection from some of the most common flying insects such as ticks, gnats, horse flies, mozzies and yellow jackets. They are an effective insect repellant from the inside out.

Does Vapor Rub Repel Mosquitoes and bugs

Is your bug repellent effectiveness decreasing? Try our no-nonsense vapor rub, it’s scented with the most effective essential oils to keep bugs away and kill any bugs that show up at your home.

Does Vapor Rub Repel Mosquitoes and flies

Yes, it does. It is a non-toxic, natural solution that prevents mosquitoes and flies from biting you or your guests.

Does Vapor Rub Repel Mosquitoes and cats

Yes, vapor rub is a medically approved product that has been proven to work by the US Dept. of Health and other medical institutions.

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