Repel Mosquitoes

Do Moth Balls Repel Roaches  

There is no 100% effective moth ball, but the Moth Balls in the box are enough to cover a bathroom to keep them out for about 2 weeks. These balls will not put your home’s atmosphere out of balance, as they do not produce any chemical residues and have no heavy metal content.

Do moth balls work for getting rid of raccoons?

Yes, you can find a list of suggestions for using moth balls on the article here.

Do moth balls keep snakes out of yard?

Moth balls are a snake deterrent. Merely put the moth balls near the yard and its perimeter. The smell would make it unappealing to snakes, who do not eat anything with a strong odor.

Do moth balls help get rid of mice and rats?

They might seem like they’ll solve the problem, but they don’t. Moth balls only temporarily repel cats and dogs, not rodents. You need to treat the nesting area before trying moth balls or any other natural repellent for that matter.

Will moth balls keep bed bugs away?

Yes, the smell of moth balls will deter bed bugs from your home. They might not be able to sense that you are there, but the smell of mothballs should keep them away for at least a few hours.


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