Do Mothballs Repel Roaches    

In a word, no. Note that mothballs are effective against moths and pantry pests, not cockroaches. For that you would need a natural organic pesticide like peppermint oil or pyrethrum extract.

Do moth balls work for getting rid of raccoons?

Moth balls are effective for keeping raccoons away from your property. The odor inside the container will be faint at first, but it will intensify as the moth balls dry out. Moth balls usually last for 1 to 2 months.

Do moth balls keep snakes out of yard?

No, moth balls do not keep snakes out of your yard and people should never use them as a line of defense. Best practice for preventing snakes in the yard is to build a fence that prevents rodents from getting into your yard and to make sure that you remove other less obvious pathways.

Do moth balls help get rid of mice and rats?

Well, they are common household items that can be used to help keep your home free of rodents. But at what cost? Moth balls come in many different sizes and strengths and there is no guarantee in which size will kill rodents the fastest or most effectively. The continuous use of moth balls in a small space can be toxic, potentially killing pets as well. Additionally, when around children it is important to remember that (s)he or his/her parents might see this product as candy, ingesting it before an unfortunate result.

Will moth balls keep bed bugs away?

Yes, as long as you keep them in the room with the bed. Moth balls have a natural scent that mimics and attracts bed bugs. The moth balls will lure the pests to them and they will die or flee before they can infest your home. Just put them around your mattress and leave them there over night to do their work.

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