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Will Vinegar Keep Raccoons Away From House

Vinegar is one of the most commonly recommended methods to repel raccoons. I’ve read that it can be used with a little bit of sugar to make it more palatable, but I just don’t buy it. Vinegar only works when you directly spray it on a raccoon’s eyes or face because if anything else gets in their mouth they’ll spit it out immediately and then go after your house again! And even if you managed to get some into their eyes somehow, I doubt any amount would scare them enough for them not to come back later looking for more food—it would just irritate them temporarily at best.

Why Raccoons Come Around Your House.

To understand why raccoons come around your house, it’s important to know what they are looking for. Raccoons want food, shelter and water. They also look for a mate and a place to raise their young. These animals can be pests because they tear apart your garbage cans and make messes in your yard. If you have raccoon problems, here are some steps that you should take:

  • Make sure all of the trash cans are sealed tightly so the raccoons cannot get into them.
  • Put away any pet food that may be left outside overnight.
  • Make sure there is no standing water near the house where raccoons could live or breed (*see note below).

Is Vinegar a Viable Option to Raccoon Repellent?

Vinegar is not a repellent. Vinegar is not a deterrent. Vinegar is not a deterrent to raccoons.

If you want to keep your yard free of raccoons, don’t waste your time with vinegar! It’s just water, acetic acid (a type of organic acid), and alcohol. The only thing that makes it smell like vinegar is the acetic acid component—it’s essentially just dilute acetic acid mixed with alcohol as a preservative for added preservation (which also makes it non-toxic). There are many other household items that have more punch than vinegar does as an animal repellent: cayenne pepper, hot sauce, citrus peels (like orange), fresh grass clippings from the lawnmower bag—you name it!

What Is the Best Way to Use Vinegar as a Raccoon Repellent?

The best way to use vinegar is to clean your house and yard.

  • Use vinegar to clean your pet’s cage, bedding and toys.
  • Use vinegar to clean your pet’s food bowl.

Vinegar can also be used as a repellent in the following ways:

Some people claim that vinegar will work and some recommend it but I don’t buy it.

Some people claim that vinegar will work and some recommend it but I don’t buy it. Vinegar is not a good repellent for raccoons or other animals, nor humans, plants or anything else. While the smell of vinegar may be unpleasant to raccoons and other animals, it won’t keep them away from your house.

For example:

  • When an animal like a raccoon smells something that doesn’t smell good, they’ll simply avoid smelling it again by leaving the source behind as soon as possible – unless they’re really hungry! They might come back later when no one’s around because then there’s no risk for them (of course).
  • If you spray vinegar on your skin before going outside then the scent won’t help with keeping animals away from you either because we don’t have many places where smells stick around so well anymore thanks to air pollution from cars and factories (plus our body chemistry changes over time too).


In the end, I don’t think that vinegar is a reliable way to reroute raccoons. It may work for some people but not all. The best way to keep raccoons out of your home is by taking some time and planning ahead with an effective strategy that will discourage them from entering in the first place. If you have tried using vinegar and it worked for you then great! But if not then there are other alternatives available such as using peppermint oil which is commonly used by gardeners or spraying them with water from a hose if they come close enough for that tactic to work properly too. There are plenty of different methods out there so hopefully one will fit perfectly into your lifestyle so that you never have another run-in with these pesky animals again!

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