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Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter?

If you’re wondering where mosquitoes go during the winter, it might surprise you to know that they hibernate. Female mosquitoes, for instance, will stay active until the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature is low enough, they will die. This is an excellent benefit for humans living in cold areas. It also means that you’ll be protected from bites from these bugs.

While the climate might be cold, mosquitoes still survive. This is because cold temperatures do not affect their life cycle, and they do not go south. The temperatures that make them die are ideal for hibernation, so they remain in their current location. Most species of mosquitoes can hibernate in these conditions. Once the weather gets warmer, female mosquitoes seek out areas with high humidity, as they require higher oxygen levels to grow.


Although mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects, they do not hibernate like bears do. Instead, they suspend their vital development and move to warmer areas. While they are active during the day, their prime biting time occurs during the dusk and dawn hours. During the winter, many species remain active, but others are dormant until spring. As a result, they live and breed in warm areas, such as in warm bodies of water.




The climate can affect the mosquito population. Their bodies are protected from predators during the winter by the cold weather. During the winter, they lay eggs. These eggs are laid in moist soil. In the summer, they are active but not very busy. The females lay eggs in a place with standing water. If temperatures dip below 50 degrees, they will hibernate. The rest of their lives depend on the weather.

During the winter, mosquitoes try to protect themselves. In the summer, the female mosquito lays eggs in moist areas and these eggs will remain dormant until spring. Some species overwinter as eggs while others overwinter as larva. Then, during the winter, the mosquitoes will go dormant. However, the females can lay as many as 300 or more eggs.

When the weather is cold, mosquitoes go into diapause. This state slows down the metabolism and delays development.

The female mosquito will remain dormant in winter and wait for the weather to warm up. The larvae will then begin their life cycle by flying, while the male will die during the winter. The same goes for the female. They do not hibernate during the winter.

In the winter, mosquitoes become less active. They tend to hide in burrows and hollow logs, which are perfect for breeding. These insects are cold-blooded and therefore hibernate in order to survive the winter. While most of them are active during the summer months, some will lay eggs early in the winter, so be sure to check your garden and keep these areas well-lit.

When the weather is cold, mosquitoes may stay in the winter. During the winter, they may hibernate in a sheltered area. If you want to avoid the bites that they leave behind, be careful where you leave water-holding items. For example, birdbaths and flowerpots may hold mosquito eggs. Besides, they can also live in pet houses, garages, and sheds.


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