Vs Bombshell-Mosquito-Repellent

Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom Eau De Parfum Spray features the irresistible scent of roses mixed with the lily of the valley. This fragrance is perfect for any occasion and will leave you feeling refreshed and feminine.

It has a sensual fragrance that captures the essence of femininity and beauty. The blend of sweet florals, juicy fruits, and sparkling champagne creates an enticing aroma that will tantalize your senses. Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom Eau De Parfum Spray is perfect for any occasion.

With notes of lily, peony, and freesia, it will captivate your senses as you walk down the street. The exotic blend of flowers is highlighted by a touch of vanilla for a sensual finish.

 Scientists also have shown that this spray works effectively against mosquitos up to 2 hours. In the  published in the Journal of Insect Science has described that Victoria’s Secret fragrance is one of the mention-able mosquito repellent products. 

 Is Bombshell a mosquito repellent? 

NO , Bombshell is not designed to repel mosquitoes. It is formulated with natural and powerful smelly ingredients but someone believes that it also works as a mosquito repellent. Even there are some read documents in favor of these mosquito repellents.

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