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Outdoor Mosquito Net

Outdoor Mosquito Repelling net is essential to keep you risk-free from mosquito-borne diseases such as malariayellow feverChagas disease, and others. It also saves from bites and stings by creating a mosquito barrier. But all the outdoor mosquitoes are not the same. Some are effective and interesting to use. If You are too interested in buying, you can check our selected Nets. 

Construction Of the outdoor mosquito Net 

Outdoor mosquito nets are constructed with fabric types such as polyethylene, polyester, cotton, polypropylene, and nylon. The mosquito net is designed with a box-shaped frame, but right now, various shaped Mosquito nets are available. 

Outdoor Mosquito Net Usage

The deadliest insects, “mosquitoes,” are all over the world—the possibility of mosquitos being born diseases everywhere. So Whenever you go camping, hiking, or outdoor activities, you should use the outdoor mosquito net. Most outdoor mosquito nets have a built-in mosquito net, but few are the exception. You have to attract some mosquito netting. Besides, most mosquito nets are foldable. These are easy to use what the traveler like. 

Insecticide-treated OutDoor Mosquito Net

Although Insecticide-treated OutDoor Mosquito Nets were a matter of doubt, right now, there is no room for doubt; It is proven 100%. The (ITNs) are two or three times better than conventional mosquito nets. Burkina Faso and his team first developed these ITNs.  

Effectiveness Of The ITNs

The Mosquito Net is impregnated with insecticides.The most common insecticides are permethrin or deltamethrinUsing this type of mosquito net is helpful for mosquito-prone areas. ITNs protect the users from getting bitten easily. Even if ITN is torn or has any other problem, the ITN protects the users from getting bitten. These mosquito nets are effective in various ways. ITNs not only repel but also kill the mosquitoes. It kills mosquitoes and reduces the mortality rate of the malaria parasite. 


A mosquito mesh must be fine enough to be breathable and comfortable. It also must be small enough to protect different types of mosquitoes.  


Yes, you can wash the mosquito net, but you should not use the  

washing machine when your mosquito net has cotton mesh. So it is better to wash the Net using cold water. If you use the device or hot water, you must remember that the hot water temperature is under 30°C.  



Mosquito Net has been designed to protect mosquitoes. So mosquitoes can not come through the mosquito net unless your Net is torn. But, if you are not sincere enough to keep the edge of the mosquito net attached to the bed, then mosquitoes can come through the mosquito net. 


It is nothing but protection. The mosquito net has been designed to save humans from getting bitten and mosquito-borne diseases. 


The disadvantages of the mosquito net are not available, but my wife does not like mosquito net because the Net restricts the fan's airflow. 


Mosquito Net is designed using different types of mesh, such as 







The mesh size usually is 1.2 millimeters (0.047 in) and 0.6 millimeters (0.024 in), Both types of mesh restrict mosquitoes. 



How many holes does a mosquito net have?

A mosquito Net must be breathable. The ideal number of mosquito holes is 285 per square inch. 




How long do mosquito nets last?

Generally, a mosquito net lasts up to three years. The lasting periods also depend on how the user uses the mosquito net.  


No, all mosquito net does not block the sun. Some trap that uses the extra protection layer blocks the Net's sun. 


Mosquito Net is used worldwide, but specifically in Africa, the nets are used widely; it is estimated that nearly 50% of malaria cases are saved with the help of mosquito net. 


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