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Mosquito Bits Safe for Vegetable Garden

Using Mosquito Bits in your vegetable garden is a simple and effective way to keep the bugs away. The product contains a bacterium known as BTI, which kills adult mosquitoes, fungus gnats, and other insects. These granules are a popular choice among organic gardeners because they are completely safe for use on your vegetables. You can sprinkle them over the soil before planting your vegetables.

What does the bits contain and how to apply

The bits contain a bacterium that is toxic to fungus gnat larvae and is a safe pest control option for your vegetable garden.These products are safe for use on your organic garden. Just place a handful in the water troughs of your plants every time you water them. The bacterium will continue to work for up to three weeks and will then kill any fungus gnat larvae that are present.

Are mosquito’s bits safe to pets?

  Although they are toxic to insects in general, they are safe for your vegetable garden because they do not affect the plants themselves. This makes Mosquito Dunks ideal for use on organic farms, which are also sensitive to chemicals. However, Mosquito Dunks should never be used on your edible crops.


Do not apply directly  in vegetables

The product is safe for use in vegetable gardens. Moreover, it has no side effects. Its natural bacterium is safe for your plants and is safe for both humans and animals. In addition, Mosquito Bits have a long shelf life. Most of them last about 7-14 days. They are effective when applied as a mulch, but do not apply them directly on vegetables. They are toxic to insects and fungus gnat larvae.

Why gardener choose Mosquitoes bits

Mosquito Bits are safe for use in vegetable gardens. They are an effective biological control that kills black fly larvae. This product is not toxic to other species of fly. So it is a great choice for home gardeners who have a vegetable garden. The best part is, you can use it in your vegetable garden without the worry of poisoning your plants. This product is safe to apply on vegetables. The best part about this product is that it kills mosquitoes and other fungus gnats.


If you grow vegetables, Mosquito Bits can be a great option to keep bugs away. The bacterium contained in these bits is toxic to fungus gnat larvae. You can apply it to your plants by shaking a few of the granules into the soil. It lasts for three weeks, so it is safe for your vegetables. In case of overuse, it is best to wash your crops with water.

Considered as a natural pest control

Mosquito Bits can be used in your vegetable garden as a natural pest control. In addition to killing mosquitoes, these insects are not harmful to humans. This product is an excellent choice for  vegetable gardeners who want to protect their crops. It also works on fungus gnat larvae that live in soil. Once they are in the soil, they can cause the insects to die. But if you don’t want to use insecticides in your vegetable garden, you can buy a few of these products.

Use mosquito bits before planting

You can sprinkle Mosquito Bits on your vegetables before they are planted. The bit will release a bacterium called BTI when plants are watered. This bacteria then kills the larvae of fungus gnats. It’s safe for human consumption and doesn’t harm pets. But Mosquito Bits are not the only insecticide available for your vegetables. They can also kill fungus gnat larvae.

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