Does Pine Sol Repel Raccoons 

We are not sure what specific spider you are talking about, but Pine Sol does indeed repel them all and most other insects for a few days as long as it is applied correctly.

Does vinegar repel raccoons?

No it does not. Vinegar is a natural repellent and will take care of cockroaches but it won’t keep raccoons away. Raccoons have teeth that are bent backwards, so to them vinegar can’t harm them but they might get sick from the smell of vinegar.

How do you get a racoon out of the eaves?

You might use a ladder or a tall stepladder to reach the eaves and coax it down. You can also use a net to catch the raccoon, and move it away from the house quickly before it has time to do any more damage.

What do raccoons hate the smell of?

Several scents can be used to repel raccoons. Raccoons HATE fresh garlic, hot pepper, onion juice and peppermint oil. Spray the concoction of these and a little Epsom Salt at night when you go out to prevent a raccoon visit during the night.

Does Pine Sol kill mice and skunks?

The pine-scented air freshener may make trash more pleasant to your nose, but it also makes it a lot worse for animals and the environment. Vinegar, which should not be used on plants, is both safe and effective around pets.

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