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Does Lavender Repel Scorpions

Yes, lavender does repel scorpions.

The process of how lavender repels scorpions is not yet known, but it is believed that it has something to do with the smell of lavender oil and its effects on the nervous system of scorpions.

In fact, lavender oil is one of the best-known natural insect repellents in existence today. Not only does it repel scorpions, but it also repels ants, moths, flies, spiders, fleas and many other common pests.

This makes it a great addition to your garden or home as an insect repellent since you won’t have to worry about being attacked by these insects while you relax outdoors during summer months.

Does lavender and citrus really repel Scorpions?

Lavender and citrus are natural aromas that repel scorpions.

While we cannot say for certain that lavender and citrus will repel scorpions, we can say that these two ingredients have been used for thousands of years to repel insects.

The ancient Egyptians used lavender and citrus to keep insects out of their homes, which is how the practice of using these ingredients to repel bugs came about.

Lavender was used as an insecticide in the past, but it has since been replaced by chemicals due to its toxicity.

Does lavender really repel bugs?

Lavender is a powerful plant, and it’s safe to say that it does repel bugs. It’s been used for centuries as a bug repellent and has been shown to be effective against mosquitos, flies, and even ticks.

Lavender is also known to have many other health benefits, including:

-Relieving stress

-Helping with sleep issues

-Improving circulation

-Relieving pain or inflammation

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