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Do Cedar Chips Repel Snakes

Cedar chips are often used as mulch in gardens and around the exterior of homes. Snake repellent is a mixture of cedar chips, chili powder, and water in a spray bottle. The concoction supposedly repels snakes from your property and keeps them away from your home. Other uses for cedar chips include keeping termites away from buildings and killing ants on sidewalks or patios.

If a snake is in the mulch, you are not going to be able to repel it enough.

If a snake is in the mulch, you are not going to be able to repel it enough. Snakes are very good at hiding, sensing vibrations and heat, smell, sound and taste. They also have a strong sense of smell so they will find their way around anything that is put down as an attempt at repelling them.

The mulch area should be cleared as much as possible.

  • The mulch area should be cleared as much as possible.
  • Let’s be honest: snakes love being in the mulch. They’re comfortable there because it’s a dark, damp area where they can easily hide and ambush prey. So if you want to deter snakes from entering your property, you’ll need to take all of the hiding spots away from them, including those under your deck or porch (which often have access holes) and around areas like your garage door.

This is why it’s important not only to clear away some of the immediate area outside but also down any paths leading up to these places so that there aren’t any crawling routes left for our reptilian friend!

What insects do cedar chips repel?

Cedar chips repel a variety of insects, including crickets, ants, termites and spiders. They also have a strong effect on mosquitoes and flies. In fact, they’re one of the best options for keeping those bugs out of your home or garden!

Cedar chips are also great at keeping bedbugs away from your mattress and box spring (and even in some cases can eliminate them entirely).

If you’re looking for an organic alternative to chemical pesticides that won’t harm humans or pets but will keep pests away from your home or business all summer long? Cedar chips may be just what you need!

How do you use cedar chips to kill termites?

Cedar chips can be used in a variety of ways, but how do you use cedar chips to kill termites?

There are two good options:

  • If you have a small area of floor or wall space that has been affected by termites, then one option is to lay down some cedar chips and cover them with an inert material like sheetrock or plywood. This will prevent the termites from being able to reach the wood underneath your floors or walls. You can also place cedar chips at the base of any posts that support your house’s structure. This will keep them off of your foundation and prevent them from damaging it as well as preventing damage to your foundation caused by moisture-related rot.
  • Another option is simply placing cedar chips around outside vents where air enters your home using metal mesh screens that fit tightly over these openings so that no bugs can get through while still allowing air to flow freely through these openings so they don’t become clogged up with debris over time.

Are cedar chips safe for plants and animals?

Cedar chips are safe for plants, but not necessarily for animals or humans. Animals like raccoons and deer may be attracted to your garden because of the cedar chip mulch, but they can still do damage to your flowers with their sharp claws and teeth. On the other hand, if you have any concerns about safety—whether it’s allergies or environmental impact—you might want to consider alternatives such as bark chips or shredded leaves instead of cedar.

There are no reported cases of allergic reactions from using cedar mulch in flower beds and gardens, so if you don’t have any other allergies (and most people don’t), then this shouldn’t be an issue for you either way!

What do you do with cedar chips?

Cedar chips are a great way to repel insects, and they’re also useful for keeping snakes away from your yard. If you want to repel snakes from your garden, sprinkle cedar chips around the edge of your garden bed. This will keep snakes out of the area so that they don’t disturb your plants or eat any vegetables.

You can also use cedar chips around entryways into buildings as an alternative to moth balls or other household insect repellents that may be harmful if inhaled by people or pets. You can even use cedar chips in closets and drawers where clothes moths may be hiding!

In addition to repelling insects, cedar is also known for its ability to trap termites before they get too close to structures like houses here in Texas (where we live).


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