Repel Mosquitoes

Do Gardenias Repel Mosquitoes?

You might have heard that gardenias repel mosquitoes. While this is true, you shouldn’t rely on them as an effective repellent. The plant is susceptible to various pests, including aphids, which are small insects that feed on the flowers of gardenias.

How Gardenias infected by other insects

Gardenias also suffer from the presence of thrips, which feed on their expanding leaves. These insects can cause the foliage to curl and roll, and may even cause the foliage to drop prematurely. You can check for these critters by examining the underside of a piece of white paper. If there are any thrips, you will notice that the leaves are dark in color.

Spider mites, a harmful pest of gardenia

Spider mites are another problem that gardenias may have. Though they don’t look like insects, these pests can easily kill your plant. Because they are small and difficult to see, you should keep an eye out for them. Fortunately, spider mites are not very difficult to spot, and you can easily detect their presence with a piece of white paper. A red streak on the paper will indicate the presence of a spider mite. In South Carolina, two-spotted spider mites are the most common pest on gardenias.

The plant works as mosquitoes repellent

As a plant, citronella is known to repel mosquitoes. They can repel mosquitoes because they are natural insect repellent. Another natural plant to repel mosquitoes is lemon balm. You can also use this as a natural insecticide. This plant is great for repelling mosquitoes but be careful, it will only work if you apply it sparingly.

Other plants that repel mosquitoes include basil, lavender, and marigold. If you have a garden with a water source, plant rosemary, lavender, and marigold, these plants have a strong aroma, which will keep mosquitoes from entering your garden.

But Gardenias’s great contribution never overlooked

Gardenias also make a great addition to a patio. They are easy to grow and will attract butterflies to your garden. They can even be grown indoors. The best part is that they’re attractive. If you’re concerned about mosquitoes, you should not depend on the Gardenias. Rather, there are different plants as like as geraniums and rosemary. These works as a repellent. A variety of plants are known to be effective as mosquito repellent, so they’re a good choice for your garden instead of Gardenias.