What is the bite-away

What is bite-away

A simple, chemical-free medical device, bite away, can relieve itching, pain, and swelling in less than two minutes. The device’s heat technology has been clinically tested and effectively treats insect bites and stings. It also works with skin tone and comes with two AA batteries, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go.

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A bite-away pen is a great tool for treating a variety of insect bites. It heats up to 51degC within seconds of being applied to a skin area. Once the bite is warmed, the pen switches off automatically, and the irritation is gone. This device is perfect for those constantly on the go and who travel a lot. You can take it on vacation and use it with the whole family.It is easy to use and has a ceramic tip that heats to 51 degrees. This heat reduces itch, swelling, and pain by about 90%.

The device is small, splash-proof, and comes with a battery. Despite its size, it can be used by anyone and is safe for children aged two and up. It has been FDA approved and can be used by everyone, including people with allergies.

This battery-powered device uses heat technology to reduce the itch, pain, and swelling caused by insect bites. The device is small, portable, and contains a ceramic tip that heats up to 51 degrees. It provides focused heat, which helps reduce itch, swelling, and pain. The unit comes with two AA batteries and has a green light that turns on when the pen is working.

It is small and portable, and is easy to use. It can be placed on the affected area and is splash-proof. Its temperature-sensitive tip is designed to reduce pain after insect bites. It is available in several colors and is convenient for all types of users. Its battery-operated design makes it safe for all people and suitable for allergy sufferers. It is a non-toxic alternative to topical treatment.

Is it easy to use?

Using bite away is easy. The ceramic surface of the device is cool and smooth and can be placed on a sting or bite. The device will heat up to 124degF and stay at that temperature for a specific period. The device is FDA and Dermatologist approved. It works by using concentrated heat to kill toxins within the bite area. The device reaches temperatures of 124 deg F for up to five minutes and automatically switches off after the selected amount of time has elapsed.

How does It work?

The device can provide instant relief from stings and bites. It works fast, providing instant relief from itching and pain. When properly applied, the product can reduce swelling and itching by up to 80% and reduce the itching and pain by 90%. The device must make good contact with the skin to maximize heat transfer. It’s important to ensure no air gap between the pen and the bite area.

Is It safe to use?

The device is safe to use on children and pregnant women, and the device switches off when it reaches the desired temperature. It is recommended that adults apply the product to their skin before touching the affected area.

The bite-away is an innovative device to cure mosquito bites itching instantly. The device heats up to 124°F. When you get the symptom of mosquito bites on your skin, it may be reddish, swelling, and it starts itching; you can use the devices on the skin. It will remove the itching pain instantly.

Once mosquitoes penetrate saliva into the skin, it starts itching, but when you use the heated device on the wounded skin, it absorbs the saliva and relieves pain.

Using too much time does not harm too much.You can use it until the symptoms of bites do not disappear. It is suggested to keep interval time before using a second time.