What Bugs Does Pine Sol Repel

If you want to know how to repel bugs with Pine-Sol, then you’ve come to the right place. This article covers all the common questions about how this product can be used as a bug repellent—and whether or not it’s safe to use in your home.

How do you use Pine Sol as insect repellent?

Pine Sol is a powerful scent, so don’t be surprised if it makes your eyes water when you first spray it. If you’re using Pine Sol as an insect repellent, spray the area where you want to repel bugs and make sure to use a new bottle every time you apply it. Don’t use Pine Sol on your skin or your pets–it can cause irritation and has been linked with eye damage in animals.

Does Pine Sol repel lizards?

Pine Sol is not a repellent. It will not repel lizards. Pine Sol is not an insecticide, pesticide, or insect repellent—it’s just a cleaner. If you want to get rid of lizards in your home or garden, you need to use more than just Pine Sol and water on their backs. You may have to use an all-natural lizard repellent spray that combines essential oils with other ingredients such as garlic oil or cayenne pepper powder (which can be very harmful if swallowed).

Does Pine Sol repel fleas and ticks?

While there are some reports that claim Pine-Sol is effective against fleas, these claims have been disproved. In fact, studies show that the chemical ingredients in Pine-Sol can actually cause an increase in the rate of infestation.

Does Pine Sol repel lizards?

No, it does not. While there are some claims that say it will work as a lizard repellent, this is also false. The only way you will get rid of lizards is by using traps or poison baits like those available at your local hardware store or grocery store (check out our article on lizard traps for more information). To learn more about getting rid of lizards once and for all visit pest-control companies near you!

Does Pine-Sol kill pests?

While it is true that Pine-Sol is a cleaner, it should not be used as an insecticide. Most people are under the impression that because the product is labeled “bug repellent” (and has bugs on the packaging), it will repel bugs and keep them away from your home. In reality, this claim refers to the product’s ability to get rid of dead bugs and prevent new ones from entering your home so they don’t leave their dead bodies behind.

Pine-Sol also is often used by people who want to kill fleas or ticks in their home without using harmful chemicals or leaving pets vulnerable to side effects like losing their fur or having skin irritation. Again, Pine-Sol cannot be used for this purpose because it does not kill these creatures; instead, it only prevents new ones from entering your house through cracks in walls where they may have been hiding before being killed by other chemicals used in treating homes against rodents like mice and rats which come inside through holes made by these vermin when seeking shelter from predators such as cats outside during winter months when temperatures drop below freezing levels overnight causing snowflakes falling onto roofs during daylight hours when sun rays shine brightly upon them melting ice crystals falling down into gutters along eaves’ edges where branches hang down over sidewalks preventing access by pests looking for food sources (bugs) underneath eaves’ edges with dirt piles forming under there too thick enough for small animals like lizards hiding under rocks near baseboards around windowsills–


It’s important to remember that it will take some time for the smell of Pine Sol to dissipate from your home. The chemical in this cleaner is potent and may take up to 24 hours before you can use it again as a repellent.

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