Mosquito Repellent vs Thermacell

Unlike all other mosquito repellents, Thermacell is not the manufacturer of producing mosquito repelling spray, lotion, cream, and coil. Thermacell produces devices used to repel mosquitoes. Yet, These devices are different than ultrasonic mosquito repelling devices. Let you know how thermcell devices works

Ultrasonic device: Mosquito Repellent vs thermacell devices 

Ultrasonic mosquito devices work by emitting high-frequency sound waves that disrupt the navigation of mosquitoes. These sound waves interrupt their ability to find human prey. But thermacell devices do not create a sound like ultrasonic mosquito repellent devices. Thermacell repels mosquitoes creating barrier 15 feet barrier zone. 

DEET Vs Thermacell’s fuel 

Most mosquito repellent devices use DEET, picaridin or plant-based chemicals, or other synthetic. On the other hand, thermacell uses Alltherin or  Propane Mix Fuel. If you would love to know what is Alltherin.

Mosquito Repellent vs thermacell devices: Spray vs back-packer 

Normally, travelers use the travel size sprayers when they go hiking or traveling collected from different brands based on the user’s persona. But thermacell does not produce sprayers, rather they use different Portable Mosquito Repeller or    Thermacell backpackers. The devices are excellent and effective until you use them, you can not believe how awesome the devices are. 

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