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 Looking for the most effective repellent to protect you from mosquito bites while staying in Dubai? Rather than buying overpriced products in stores, many people are opting to try out the flea spray to repel mosquitoes. You can also try the following mosquito repellents.

5 Best Mosquito Repellent sprayers Used Dubai

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects that can ruin your outdoor activities or sleep. They cause discomfort to humans and transmit diseases from person to person. These diseases include malaria, Zika virus, dengue fever, and yellow fever. A bite from a mosquito can lead to several symptoms such as headache, rash, fever, lethargy, and chills. In addition, people in Dubai need to know how to prevent disease transmission by mosquitoes because there is always a risk of contracting an illness if bitten by an infected insect.

Mosquitoes do not only cause discomfort but transmit diseases.  

Mosquitoes are insects that can be found in many countries. They bite people and animals, causing irritation, itchy red bumps, swelling, infection, and fever. They also transmit diseases from one person to another.

There are several types of mosquitoes in Dubai:

  • Aedes aegypti (the yellow fever mosquito)
  • Aedes albopictus (the Asian tiger mosquito)
  • Anopheles (a malaria-carrying mosquito)

The first two types can carry dengue fever – which causes high temperature, joint pains, and rashes – and chikungunya virus – which causes joint pain but no rash. The latter type can cause malaria in humans if they feed on an infected person’s blood with the disease.

The most common diseases spread by mosquitoes

Mosquito-borne diseases are the most common type of transmitted infection, but other types are contracted from a mosquito bite. Malaria, Zika, and dengue are some of Dubai’s most prevalent mosquito-borne diseases.

Zika was first discovered in Uganda in 1947 and has since spread to many countries across Asia and Africa. There have also been cases reported in South America and Mexico, and Florida in North America. Malaria is caused by a parasite (Plasmodium) which lives inside an infected female Anopheles mosquito when it bites you. 

Symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases: headache, rash, fever & lethargy 

Now that you know what mosquito-borne diseases are and how they are transmitted let’s look at the symptoms you may experience if you contract one.

The most common symptoms include headache, rash, fever, lethargy, and chills. Suppose you experience these symptoms after being outdoors in an area where mosquitoes thrive. In that case, if your travel history includes spending time in a room with high levels of malaria transmission risk (this can be found on the CDC website), seek medical attention immediately. Don’t wait to see if it goes away—the sooner treatment begins, the better!

The Dubai Municipality carries out pest control services across the emirate

The Dubai Municipality provides mosquito control services. The municipality has carried out pest control services in Dubai across the emirate to reduce disease risk and ensure public health.

If you have recently traveled to an area where cases of Zika virus are reported, you should tell your doctor about this immediately. Mosquito-borne diseases can be fatal if left untreated. They can also be transmitted to other people and animals when the infected individual is unaware of the illness.

Dubai Municipality focuses on reducing the risk of disease spread by mosquitoes.

Dubai Municipality has been carrying out pest control services in Dubai across the emirate to reduce the risk of disease. The Department of Mosquito Control at Dubai Municipality focuses on mosquito control and prevention throughout the emirate to reduce disease risk.

Dubai Municipality’s Pest Control Services division is responsible for providing a comprehensive range of pest control services, including:

  • Managing public health risks associated with pests such as mosquitoes
  •  By undertaking various activities such as monitoring and surveillance activities,
  •  Conducting surveys; conducting inspections; issuing permits or approvals according to rules & regulations governing these activities.


People in Dubai must be aware of the health risks of mosquitoes and take precautions to protect themselves. The municipality is working hard to control the spread of disease by providing pest control services across the emirate. It is also essential for individuals to remember that they can help prevent mosquito-borne diseases by taking steps such as wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants, socks, and shoes when outdoors during peak mosquito hours (sunrise through sundown).

The process of getting rid of mosquitoes everywhere is the same. If you have faced a severe problem because of mosquitoes in UAE, you can take the following steps.

  • Use a mosquito net
    Wear light colors that won’t attract mosquitoes
    Try to Avoid perfumes that attract mosquito
    Plant marigold flowers and citronella plants around your house
    Get a mosquito repellent that works
    Use nonchemical repellent
    Install a repellent system
    Keep your windows closed


Mosquitoes are a significant problem in many areas of Dubai, not just because they annoy people and cause illness by spreading disease but also because they frighten away tourists.

You might be one of the many people affected by undesired insect bites during your stay in Dubai. While some are left red and irritated, others create a massive swelling that takes time to disappear.

No. there is no malaria in Dubai or the UAE, and it is one of the main reasons people move here. But there is no guarantee that there are no mosquitoes. So you can take the preventive steps before moving to Dubai.

Having dengue fever cases in the UAE is not impossible. The main reason behind having is the tourist. Besides, No one ensures the guarantee that UAE is free from mosquitoes. If you are interested in knowing more, you can have details there

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