Mosquito Bite Remedies Natural and Pharmaceutical

A home remedy for mosquito bites is aloe vera gel. To use it as an effective remedy, it should be cold. Chill the gel for 10 minutes and apply it to the insect bite. You can also use a topical treatment made from tea tree oil. It should be applied to the affected area. To treat a mosquito bite, you can try either one of the following methods:

Calamine lotion. Apply a generous amount of this lotion to the affected area to relieve itching. The zinc oxide contained in the lotion is anti-inflammatory. However, it must be applied several times a day. It is recommended to keep this lotion nearby. You can also apply a layer of ointment to reduce swelling and itching. Using a moisturizer to the affected area is also recommended.
Raw honey. This ingredient is a popular ingredient in mouthwash. It irritates the skin and may help reduce inflammation.

Another way to get relief is to dab a small amount of menthol onto the area. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which reduces swelling and itching. If you have multiple bites, you should apply aspirin.
Witch hazel. This is an over-the-counter product and is effective in minor skin irritations. It soothes the affected area and reduces swelling and inflammation. But it won’t speed up the healing process. It will not cure the mosquito bite, but it may ease the pain.


There are many other effective treatments for mosquito bites. Make sure you find the right one for you. The only thing you have to worry about is finding one that works.
Lemon balm. While it is not a cure-all, lemon balm can reduce itching and relieve pain caused by mosquito bites. It can also reduce swelling and itchiness.

You can apply Vicks VapoRub on the affected area and see immediate results.


There are other effective natural remedies for mosquito bites, too. If you can’t find a natural remedy for your mosquito bite, you should try mouthwash.

Herbal remedies.

These include aloe vera gel, which is effective for treating itchiness. It can also help relieve inflammation caused by mosquito bites.

Basil is an effective remedy for mosquito bites. Its anti-inflammatory properties will soothe the itchy area. Peppermint oil is also effective in relieving itching.
These can relieve itching and reduce swelling.


Citrus fruits contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply the juice of lemons to the affected area to help reduce swelling and prevent infection. But be careful not to apply citrus juice on the affected area if you don’t want to risk blistering.


Although lemons can reduce the swelling caused by mosquito bites, they can also sting. Nonetheless, it is worth trying as a home remedy for mosquito bites.


A baking soda solution can be used on the affected area. Alternatively, you can use an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas to reduce the redness. If you’ve already bought a mosquito bite remedy, you may want to use the ingredients in it.


A hot compress or hot water bag can help with the symptoms of mosquito bites.

You can apply crushed basil leaves to the affected area to relieve the pain and soothe the itch.

A vapor rub can also reduce the itching caused by mosquito bites.

An oatmeal paste can also be applied to the afflicted area and can soothe it for up to 10 minutes.

A witch hazel treatment can help reduce the itching caused by mosquito bites.

As a natural antihistamine, witch hazel helps fight the immune system’s response to unwanted bug bites.

It can be purchased at pharmacies or over-the-counter.

A cotton ball with witch hazel applied on the affected area can help reduce the itching. This is a great remedy for mosquito bites.

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