How to save your baby from Mosquitoes biting-scare

The scars created after mosquitoes bite are called keloid. The scar happens when the body reacts to the mosquito’s inserted saliva in the skin. At that time, collagens are gathered, and the signs of the scars are seen on the skin’s surface. Usually, the scar is not seen after biting, but the possibilities are scarier when your kids get considerably bitten. Besides, severe allergy along with biting can cause scarring.

Instant solution

Once you notice a swollen bump on your baby’s skin, you can take immediate steps to avoid the scarring. 

1 Wash the stippled area using soap.
2 Apply antibacterial cream.
3 Overlook the direct sun-rays.
4 Avoid scratching and itching 

After taking immediate action, you notice scarring on your baby’s skin.

Do not be worry; the solution is next to your hand. 


Scar removal creams

The most sensitive part of the body is the face. Noticing a scar on the face is the most scarring. However, it is not a wonder that facial scars can be removed quickly. What should you do to remove facial scars? It is easy; just use facial cream before going to bed. In the morning, you will feel a change in your face. 


Aloe Vera

Undoubtedly, it ensures results. More than a thousand products carry this ingredient. This plant’s gel has antibacterial properties. Just using three or four days, you will get special effects. Especially in case of your baby scar, use the gel lightly over the skin. Then, wash with lukewarm water after 20 or 30 minutes. 


Coconut oil

For home remedies, coconut oil can be the easiest solution. It is effective for removing baby scars. The process of applying is simple. Just take the lukewarm water, mix with the coconut oil and apply over the region of the scaring area. 



Honey is the medicine of a thousand problems. Both are drinking and using honey externally are effective. As your baby suffers from a scar, you should use honey lightly over your baby’s skin. Besides, you can let your baby drink a few drops of honey; it will keep your baby’s skin moisturized and soft. But bear in mind that honey is powerful; never let them take more than necessity. 

Baby toothpaste

You use baby toothpaste to clean tartar. Right? You can also use this for different purposes. When you notice the scar on your baby’s face, you can use the baby toothpaste. Do not use the long paste time; wash after a few minutes. By using it several times, you will have an outstanding result. 


Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider is rich in vitamin C and microbe fighting agents. It is used for scar removal but is not safe unless your kid is more than 1 year old. Using apple cider on the newborn baby’s skin is a risk, so you should not. But once your baby is more than one year, you can message apple cider over your baby’s skin scar. By using apple cider, you can heal your baby’s scar. Oh! Never forget to wash after 30 minutes. 


For healing scar, it keeps highly outstanding role. It keeps the baby’s skin calm and cool. Before using sandalwood, you must mix the sandalwood powder wood with water. The sandalwood will take time to remove the scar. 


Lacto calamine – 


Perhaps, you are well-known for the soothing lotion” calamine .”By applying regularly, you can remove the rashes. It is also helpful for relieving pain. 

Lemon juice –
It is also effective but does not use directly on the soft skin of your baby. Just take the lukewarm water, mix the lemon juice with water, and then apply it to your baby’s skin. After 30 minutes, you can wash the lemon juice. In this way, you can apply it several times and have an excellent solution for your baby.

How to save baby form mosquitoes

No one knows that prevention is better than cure. Being sincere is mandatory to save your baby from a mosquito by which your baby gets rashes. So take the steps against mosquitoes. 

Use a Mosquito Net 

Using a mosquito net is one of the best processes of making a barrier between mosquitoes and your child. During using mosquitoes, be sure that the presence of mosquitoes is empty in the net. 

Baby Toiletries

Use the products which are against mosquitoes. Different types of products are designed to prevent mosquitoes, such as lotion, cream, spray, and perfumes. Fragrant products attract mosquitoes too much. 

Cover your baby’s body 

While you keep your body open, it gets a chance to land and bite, but if you cover your baby’s body from head to toe. There are zero possibilities of biting. It is better to use a loose cloth to avoid mosquitoes bites. 

Close windows and doors

Keep your window and door closed in the morning and evening. Mosquitoes enter the room at that time. Unless you are conscious enough, the possibilities are high to be bitten by the mosquitoes. 

keep your living place clean 

Mosquitoes breed on the stagnant water, either your roof or balcony. So, when you get stagnant water, try to clean these. Otherwise, both you and your kids will suffer from mosquito biting. Ultimately your kids get the rash. 

Spray repellent 

The spray is the way by which removing mosquitoes is easy, but the problem is that most of the sprays are not free from DEET. Unless your kid is more than 2 months, you should avoid the high concentration DEET spray. 

Unless the scar happens in case of mosquitoes biting 

A scar is a mark given by either mosquito biting or seriously injuring. After healing the injury, the scar is permanent for a long time or a few days. Only mosquitoes biting is not responsible for a scar. It can happen for different reasons. Based on the type of scars, you can take the treatments. It takes time to heal when your child gets scars, whereas mosquitoes biting takes less than one week. 

Three phrases of a scare:

Mainly a scar is cured through three phases: inflammation, proliferation, and the final phases. Typically the inflaming phrase takes almost two weeks, whereas the proliferation phrase takes six weeks. In this second stage, it is discolored. In the final stages, it becomes soft, ultimately removed. 

Different Types Of Scars

Understanding the types of scars is mandatory before taking treatment. Otherwise, the possibility of mistreatment is more. Based on the types of scars, it takes time to remove. 

Keloid scars:

Bear in mind that the scar does not happen because of mosquitoes biting. But It happens due to serious injurious or even stipe. At that time, collagen is produced in the injured areas of the body. The surface area gets dark in color. It can happen in any part of the body. 

Hypertrophic scars:

The hypertrophic scar is slightly similar to Keloid scars, but the injured area is not spread much unlike keloid. This type of scar also takes almost six weeks to one year. 

Sunken scars:

Typically the causes of the scar are chickenpox and acne. Another name of this skin is atrophic scars. At that time, collagen is destroyed. 

Scar contractures:

This scar happens in the active part of the body, such as ankles, joints, necks, and other parts. Apart from these, the scar happens on the skin because of extensive burning. Even a man can die when Contracture scars start tightening after burning too much. 

Different ways of removing scars

Steroid treatment:

It comes in the form of injection not usable without any prescription. Typically physicians suggest when the scar gets deteriorates day by day. It saves from spreading. Very few babies go through this critical situation that deserves steroid treatment. 

Surgically removal option:  

It is one of the commonest ways of scar removal but is expensive. Unless this gets in a sensitive part of the body, one should not take this surgical removal option, but when it happens in the facial part, it carries the need to take the surgical removal option. You must take this surgery under a well-known specialist. 

Silicon sheet therapy:

Among all other primary treatments, Silicon sheet therapy is common. You can use this if your baby gets hurt and has a scar on the skin. Attaching on the scar for two and three days, you can cure your kid’s skin. 

Laser therapy

Although it is not prominent, it works. Laser therapy extracts the upper layer of skin and skin’s scar. With the help of its light, it removes the scars, especially keloid scars. 

Scar revision:

It is one of the famous techniques by which one can blend the skin and reduce the scar. Among the scar revision, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion are common. 


Unless there is severe scarring, physicians do not suggest taking cryosurgery. It is how the lesion will be destroyed with the freezing temperature. But it is not as expensive as surgical removal. 

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