How Are Mosquitoes Getting In My House

Mosquitoes are a nuisance, especially if you’ve got kids or pets around. If you find yourself dealing with mosquitoes, the best thing to do is kill the ones that are in your home. But how? Mosquitoes can live indoors and outdoors; their eggs hatch into larvae, which can survive for several months before becoming adults. To get rid of mosquitoes inside your house, it’s important to know where they’re coming from and what steps you need to take:

How can you tell where mosquitoes are coming from?

  • To find the source of mosquitoes, look for standing water. This could be a puddle on the ground, standing water in buckets, cans or other containers, or even water in the gutters.
  • Check your birdbath. Mosquitoes can lay eggs here that hatch into larvae that live in shallow water and then grow into adult mosquitoes to bite you and everyone else!
  • Check your pet’s water bowl as well—mosquitoes love to lay their eggs here too!


If you’re having trouble with mosquitoes, keep in mind that it could be coming from a few different places. They can be attracted to certain smells or odors, like perfume, sweat and perfume. Mosquitoes also love standing water so if there is any stagnant water around your house (such as a birdbath), it might be worth looking into draining it or filling it up with something else. Finally, there are some plants that attract mosquitoes so taking care of these plants may help cut down on biting insects!

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