Does Pine Sol Repel Roaches

The active ingredient in Pine Sol is Benzyl alcohol. In particular, the concentration present in your home is 1% minimum (1g/100 kg). The minimum concentration to have some effect on roaches is 10%.

Does Pine Sol Repel Roaches and ants

Yes, our product contains a long list of ingredients that repel roaches, ants and a range of other insects.

Does Pine Sol Repel Roaches and mice

Get the real facts about all your household pest issues! Pine Sol kills 98.6% of roaches and 100% of mice on contact.

Does Pine Sol Repel Roaches and bugs

Who doesn’t like the smell of Pine Sol! It is a popular cleaner that helps fight odors, but it also has an added bonus of being an all-natural pest repellent. You can spray Pine Sol on light switches, your closet, and any other areas where you are dealing with pests.

Does Pine Sol Repel Roaches and spiders

We ask that question of every household cleaner, detergent, and pesticide. We found that pesticides can repel roaches and spiders as well. So if you are looking for a product to do both, then you need to try this one! Pine Sol is also known for being safe around children and pets.

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