Do Mosquito Hawks Kill Mosquitoes

Mosquito hawks, or mosquito eaters, are a group of large flies that can be found throughout the world. They have been known to feed on mosquitoes and other insects. Their name comes from their habit of hovering over water, waiting for prey to fly by so they can snatch them up in their jaws. In fact, some people believe that mosquito hawks eat mosquitoes for dinner every night! But do they really? And how much weight would a hawk need to gain in order to consume 10 million mosquitoes? Read on as we explore this question and more!

Mosquito hawks are not true flies.

Mosquito hawks are not true flies. In fact, they’re more closely related to wasps, bees and ants than they are to their fly brethren. They’re also called “assassin flies,” “bee flies” and “tachina flies.”

But you don’t have to know all of this in order to appreciate these little critters; all you need to know is that these tiny insects will come into your backyard and eat mosquitoes for you! If you see one attached itself to a mosquito in mid-flight and flying away with it, then congratulations: The mosquito hawk has just completed its job of helping rid your yard of pesky pestilence-spreading bugs!

What’s the difference between a mosquito and a mosquito hawk?

You may have heard the word “mosquito hawk” used to describe a fly that feeds on mosquitoes. But before you start swatting at flies, let’s clarify: mosquito hawks are not flies; they are in fact insects. Mosquito hawks belong to the order Diptera (which includes flies), but they aren’t true flies either—they’re more closely related to wasps and bees than they are to houseflies or fruit flies.

Mosquito hawks belong to a larger group of predatory insects called Neuropterans. These insects all have net-like wings and long antennae, which help them catch prey like mosquitoes in flight. Other members of this group include lacewings, antlions (the insect you probably remember from your childhood sandbox), dobsonflies, scorpionflies (aka potato bugs), owlflies, and fireflies!

What do Hawk mosquitoes do?

Mosquito hawks are insects that eat mosquitoes. Mosquito hawks also eat other insects, small animals like birds and mammals, and even small reptiles.

To understand what do mosquito hawks do, you should know that they are a large group of wasps belonging to the insect family Sphecidae. These wasps are named for their habit of hovering around flowers looking for nectar as part of their diet; however, these critters don’t just feed on flower nectar—mosquito hawking is one way they earn their keep besides pollinating flowers (and hunting down mosquitoes).

Mosquitoes are one particular type of insect that many people despise because they can cause discomfort when they bite us during summer months when it’s hot outside; however many people don’t realize how beneficial it is for another kind of animal—the mosquito hawk (or “mosquito hawk”)—to hunt down these pests!

What animal eats the most mosquitoes?

Mosquito hawks do not eat mosquitoes. In fact, they don’t even eat very much at all: their diet consists mainly of small flies and other insects, like bees and butterflies. That said, mosquitoes are also on their list of acceptable prey—but they’re not their first choice (unless there are no other options).

Do mosquito eaters really eat mosquitoes?

First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. The mosquito hawk is not a fly. It’s a wasp that looks like a fly but isn’t. So don’t call it a “mosquito hawk” or “mosquito eater.” Call it what it is: Pepsis, which translates to mean “pepper,” and I’m going to assume that this name was given because of the hotness of their sting (which will probably be more painful than you expect).

The pepsis feeds on other insects such as grasshoppers, flies and caterpillars—not mosquitoes. It stings its prey with its sharp mouthparts, paralyzing them before carrying them back to its nest where they will lay eggs on them so they can feed when they hatch into larvae later on.


In conclusion, the mosquito hawk is an interesting creature. It’s not a true fly, but it definitely eats mosquitoes. However, it’s worth noting that the mosquito hawk isn’t the only animal that preys on mosquitoes. Other animals also eat these pests and can help keep them under control. If you have any questions about what sort of creatures might be lurking in your backyard or garden, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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